Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why I disappeared.

It took over 50 hours to complete!
Also, while I was gone, my daughter slammed her finger in the back door. Then later that night my son fell and smashed his face causing his tooth to go straight thru his bottom lip. Just a note to parents out there, if the outside of the mouth looks like a clean cut, they won't stitch it. They will never stitch the inside of the mouth. If the outside of the mouth looks nasty and gaping and skin hanging, then they will stitch it.

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it!!! See you all in the New Year!


Van said...

My God, woman! I hope your Children are faring well!!! (and more !!!)

And that blanket is incredibly beautiful, work the labor!

Wishing you health (and safety!) for the Holidays.

misssrobin said...

Beautiful afghan.

And thanks for the stitches clarification. Sorry about the injuries. Hopefully Christmas will be injury-free.

Jenn said...

That is so cute! I definitely don't have that kind of patience. (I also have no idea how to crochet, which I imagine would be helpful in this situation.)

Merry Christmas :)

Lesley said...

That is beautiful!!! :o) I do celebrate Christmas, so I will take the greeting!! :o) I hope you and your lovely family have an amazing Christmas!! :o)

Maranda said...

That blanket is amazing! But the tooth through the bottom lip totally makes me cringe! I hope your accident prone kiddos are okay! LOL!

Lynb said...

I loved the quilt/blanket, the colors are beautiful. Its amazing how easy it is for littlees to have accidents as you described above, but thank goodness they always get over such injuries very quickly. All my kids went through these sorts of injuries when they were little, it is a pretty common occurrence no matter how watchful or careful your are. Keep up your creative work you are a very talented young women.

Anonymous said...

I wish you would do something about the pictures - there are none.!