Friday, January 27, 2012

Coat Hanger Organizer.

I made this coat hanger organizer yesterday morning. It didn't take long and it was sew easy. I didn't even use a pattern, if you can believe that. The only thing I don't currently like about it is the  empty plain space at the top. But I guess I can either applique something on there or Gillian can use the top to put all her pins on there.

Here are some quick instructions: First cut a rectangle of fabric that is  the length you think you want, and about a half an inch wider than your hanger (I used a child's hanger because I have an over-abundance of these).

On the wrong side of the fabric, trace around your hanger, you want to trace around the top part of the hanger and slightly up the hook.

Now measure your pocket pieces. You'll only be sewing down one long end of the pockets, so you're making a tube. Turn it right side out and iron.
Add some details or whatever to your pocket pieces. You can see I just threw some squares on there. Pin your pockets in place and sew down the bottom edge of the two top pockets. Next, sew pockets, whatever sizes you want.
Then cut a rectangle as wide as, but slightly shorter than, your front rectangle piece. Hem one short end of it.

Place this back rectangle on top of the front rectangle, right sides together, lining up the pieces at the bottom of the organizer, like so -->
Sew around that. Now measure and cut a small rectangle to cover the top part of the organizer. Make sure you hem one short end of that too, and make sure it slightly overlaps the other back piece. Pin that in place, right sides together, and sew up the sides and around your hanger marks.
Trim around your seams, flip right side out and iron. Make sure the straight pieces are tucked in at the top. Slide your hanger up in there. Easy.

You could also make a small tube to cover the hook of the hanger if you wanted to. I didn't do that because the hanger is purple and it matches the fabric.


Dawnll said...

Oh how fun!
This turned out nice, you know how I love organization

admin said...

Trying to stay busy. Haha. The posts are already scheduled to post. Turns out smoking less or not smoking at all is great for your creative side.

I do know you love organization. You gonna make one? Wait til you see my menu thing I made today.