Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My new purse and matching coin purse.

This weekend I made this lavender scented rice heating pad for my Aunt. The last time I made her one was four years ago and it wasn't as nice. She still uses it. Figured it was time to send her a new one! I hope she likes it.
The pattern for the rice pad was from Sew4Home. Love that site.

I also made myself a new purse. I know, it's boring, my cousin already informed me of that. I should add a big bow, she said. Bows are not my thing, simple is my thing and since this is my own purse I'm leaving it as is. I was just going to do the black but figured that was way too boring so decided to add some of the other... Greenish/blue fabric. That is fancy enough for me.
The purse and matching coin thing are from "Amy Butler's Style Stitches". I love the purses in that book but most of them are HUGE and I will never make them. The teardrop purse was a nice size though.

Forgive my cell phone photos.
That's not all I did this weekend!! I smoked my last cigarette at 9pm Sunday night!!! I'm chewing the nicotine gum, which I guess is kind of cheating but it's certainly making quitting easier. And after my mother I do need to quit. Can't believe it's taken me four years after my mom died to get it thru my head that this is some serious shit. Better late than never I guess. Hopefully I can stick to this, I've never made it more than a week, but then I've never used the gum to help me out, either.


Dawnll said...

Congratulations! I know you can do it-and I believe you have made it more then a week last time, if my memory is correct.
Did you know each time you quit it is one more step closer to succeeding?

Both your projects turned out nice-love my heat wraps they are so nice to use.
I am all about BIG purses, love them tote size and lots of room. You must not carry much..lol

admin said...

Haha. I carry my wallet and my keys. That's about it. What do you carry that you need a tote size bag!? I'm gonna remember that for the future!

This time is for good. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I'm done.