Thursday, February 23, 2012

Best kielbasa recipe... ever.

First, I do realize that people in the south call this "sausage". That is weird to me, because it says kielbasa on the package, so I call it kielbasa. We once asked our friend's from Texas if they liked kielbasa and they looked at us like we were crazy. They had no idea what we were talking about til we showed them. So funny.

Anyway, the first time I had this recipe was when my cousin made it for my wedding. I think she made two crock pots. Everyone loved it and kept asking for more. When it was gone people were still looking for it. It was that good. So I asked her how to make it and now we eat it at least twice a month.
All you need is two packages of kielbasa, one small jar of grape jelly and two 18oz jars of BBQ sauce. I use one regular and one honey.
Slice the kielbasa, throw everything into the crock pot around 10am and it'll be ready by 5pm. I usually cook it on low until about 2 or 3 then put it on high. Sometimes when I'm feeling frisky I cook it on high all day long, which makes the kielbasa... hmm... I want to say soggy but that is not the right word. The kielbasa absorbs more of the BBQ sauce the longer you cook it... I guess that's the way to put it.
Try it and let me know what you think!


Dawnll said...

I make this with those lil smoky links and people love it-my son actually uses bread to get the "gravy" all out of the

admin said...

Oooh yeah! We never buy those, but now I'm gonna try it.

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