Friday, February 3, 2012

Scrap buster: Mug Rugs

I keep seeing mug rugs all over the place and decided to make a few. They are small, easy and oh so addictive. They're also great scrap busters!!!

The first one I made, the green one, is smaller than the other two. It's the first one I made, and while I sketched it on graph paper first, I cut the pieces smaller than I was supposed to so it came out smaller than I intended. It's still big enough for a coffee mug and a snack though.
I Googled my heart out and could not find anywhere the "standard" size for a mug rug. The ones below are 8" x 6". I think that's a pretty decent size.

1 comment:

Mickey said...

Its a great idea to those who always drinking coffee near in the computer table to avoid some water excess..