Sunday, February 19, 2012

What can you make with a jelly roll? Project one. Coin purse.

I'm going to be completely honest with you here and say this: I have never worked with a Jelly Roll before! Honestly, I've been scared. I don't make a lot of quilts so I thought, what can I make with a jelly roll... with all these... strips?

I'm going to share with you on my blog a little series I'm calling "What can you make with a jelly roll?" If you're new to sewing you'll learn right along with me!

I'm starting this series with: Reunion Jelly Roll Sweetwater for Moda, which you can purchase at the Fat Quarter Shop. The shipping is super fast.

First, I laid the strips out on my table.

That's a whole lot of fabric.
For my first project I choose four strips (I think that's the hardest part... choosing! It's so hard to choose, they are all so scrumptious!!). I wanted to use strips and nothing else. I added a zipper and some fusible web, of course, but other than that, the only fabric used was the strips.
You can see, of the four strips used, what I have leftover.
How cute is that, the striped coin purse!? I think it's totally adorable. Mr Panda thinks so too.

I'm going to use Reunion for this entire series, but you can find so many different jelly rolls here.

Other projects in this series can be found here.


Dawnll said...

Oh my goodness that is so cute, even the
I love seeing all the fabric strips-so yummy for sure.
Thanks for sharing

Judy Blinkenberg said...

That is just darling! I have never sewn with a jelly roll either, except using some for a binding. Thank you for these ideas. I will try them.

admin said...

Thanks for stopping by!! I have more posts scheduled, I'm going to use the entire jelly roll :)

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