Monday, February 20, 2012

What can you make with a jelly roll? Project two. Reversible tote.

Continuing the "What can you make with a jelly roll?" series, today I made a reversible tote/purse.

Again, I'm still working with the same Reunion Jelly Roll Sweetwater for Moda. Again, the point of this series is to see how much we can make with just one jelly roll of fabric, other than a quilt, of course.

First, choose six strips for one side of your bag:
You want to cut those strips in half, then sew them together so you have a striped panel of fabric.

Next, once you've ironed your seams flat, you'll iron on some fusible web. Once you've done that, fold your fabric panel in half matching strip seams. Sew a seam on long end and across the bottom. Box your corners at one inch.

Now pick six more strips and do the same as above, minus the fusible web.

Fold the top edges of your bags toward the wrong side, making a half inch "cuff". Iron well. Drop the bag without the fusible web inside the bag with fusible web, wrong sides together.

Now pick four pieces from your leftover strips as a handle for your bag. You'll want two that match one side of the bag and two that match the other side of the bag.

Sew your two strips together on the short end, creating one long strip. Add fusible web to one of the strips. Sew your strips, right sides together, lining up the center seam. Turn right side out, iron well and stitch about a quarter inch along each end.

Pin your strap, making sure that the sides match {if your bag is red on the inside, make sure the red part of your strap is also on the inside}. Adjust your strap to the length you want and pin in place. Also pin your bags together all the way around.

At this point you should basically have your finished bag, only not stitched together. Take this to your machine an stitch around the opening about an eighth of an inch from the top.

Once you're finished, you should have something like this, and leftover strips:
Remember it's reversible!!
I'm going to continue to work with Reunion for this series, but remember you can find a bunch of different jelly rolls here.

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Judy Blinkenberg said...

Wonderful bag! Thank you for your great ideas!

Dawnll said...

This turned out so cute, and just your size...I need a bigger one, am I next? lol
Thanks for sharing

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Kitty said...

I had a question. I didn't see where you addressed the raw edges around the top of the bag. or the ends of the strap either come to think of it. I assume this isn't a raw edges bag? or is it? maybe I missed that part.

thanks Kitty

Kitty said...

got it, sorry for not paying attention.

Pam @Threading My Way said...

A beautiful tote! Love the fabric and the fact that it's reversible.

Pam @Threading My Way said...

A beautiful tote! Love the fabric and the fact that it's reversible.

Penny D said...

Thank you