Monday, February 27, 2012

What can you make with a jelly roll? Project six. Car insurance keeper.

Today we're making a car insurance keeper.
First, choose two strips from your jelly roll and cut three 14" pieces off each strip {giving you six 14" pieces}. Sew three strips together. Sew the other three strips together. Iron your seams. Add fusible web to one of your fabric panels.

Now fold the bottom part of the panel up to figure out where your flap will be. Cut the extra off, this will be your flap.

Sew your car insurance keeper together the same way the eyeglasses case was sewed together. I sewed at an angle on the corners of my flap. You can choose to leave it straight.

You will have small pieces of strips leftover when you're finished. Set these aside, along with all your other leftover pieces, because we're going to use them up later.
I'm going to continue to work with Reunion for this series, but remember you can find a bunch of different jelly rolls here. And if you're not too keen on using your jelly roll for all these little projects, Fat Quarter Shop also sells Jelly Roll Patterns.

Other projects in this series can be found here.


Dawnll said...

Wow that is a nice keeper, I feel like my stuff is so plain.

admin said...

What stuff? I'm sure you can make a gorgeous one of out paper! My stuff is currently in the envelope that the car salesman gave us with the car... lol. Not very attractive. Great, I guess for car paperwork in general, but it's such a pain to dig thru it to find my insurance and registration.