Sunday, March 4, 2012

Attempting to garden. In a container.

I have always wanted to try to grow my own vegetables. Before we moved here I never had a yard, and now that we do have a yard... well we live on post and we're not allowed to just dig into it and plant stuff. Out in the front we have a designated garden area but we cannot plant vegetables in it.

So my only option is to container garden. So this is what I have decided to do.

A few days ago I planted some seeds in one of those greenhouse seed starter things:
This morning I was super surprised to see that the cucumbers, lettuce and green beans are already starting to sprout! That was so exciting to see, nothing I ever plant grows. Last year I tried planting daisies in the front garden, they never grew, the year before that I tried planting wildflowers, which are wild and should grow anywhere, but they never grew, so seeing those little sprouts this morning was extra exciting for me!

This is the vegetable side of my little greenhouse:
And on the other side, I'm again attempting to grow some daisies:
And if you're wondering what I decided to use as my container, I choose a clear Rubbermaid bin:
I have found some incredible container gardens on Pinterest. I realize mine is definitely not going to look like those. I figured since this is my first time gardening at all I better start simple.

I also realize that not all my vegetables will fit in that bin and I might have to buy a second bin. I'll wait and see if I need another or not before I buy one.

I also am going to grow potatoes too, as an after thought! ha.

Are you a gardener? Got any tips for me? Because I am totally clueless to be honest.

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Dawnll said...

I love it!
Nothing better then growing your own-man they are going to get really big when they really start growing
Can't wait to see them grow