Thursday, March 1, 2012

My daughter's pin-spiration challenge.

My daughter is 11 years old. She loves crafty stuff. I've been trying to teach her to use my old sewing machine. She has fabric, patterns, etc.

She also loves to sit with me while I'm browsing Pinterest. The other day she saw these a few pins she liked.

She spent a couple hours at her machine and she kept getting up and getting crayons... getting mad at her little sister for taking the crayons... and I wondered what the heck was she doing that she needed crayons at her machine?

Here is what she made {I am so proud of her and totally impressed} she made this with just the memory of the photo in her head, she was not actively viewing a photo, she did not print the photo, she didn't read any directions.... impressive, no?
I like how she put the strip across like that to hold the paper in place.


Dawnll said...

Gillian did a great job with this project- how cute is this idea.
Tell her I love it!

admin said...

She did do really well, I'm impressed.