Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pretty purple skirt.

A friend once gave me this gorgeous purple fabric. Back before I knew how to sew, I knew I wanted this fabric to be a skirt so I just wrapped it around my waist and tied it. That never worked well on windy days because the skirt would blow open. Now that I know how to sew I decided it was time to take that fabric and make myself a real skirt.

Please forgive the cell phone photos, I will have my daughter take better photos of me when the weather is nicer.


I did not use a pattern and I didn't measure much, but I'll share how I made mine with you!

First I wrapped the fabric around my waist twice and cut, then I folded that in half and cut. Then I held one piece against me and cut just below where I wanted the length to be and used that as a template for the second piece.

If you do it the normal way instead of my half-assed way you would measure your waist and cut two pieces of fabric (one for the front, one for the back) using the following for the length measurements:
Then fold each skirt panel in half and cut like this:
Then sew up the sides and hem the bottom.
Next, fold the top of your skirt over about 1/4" toward the wrong side and iron. Now fold again just slightly more than the width of your elastic and iron. Take that to the machine and stitch close to the edge, all the way around, leaving an opening slightly wider than the width of your elastic.
Now wrap the elastic around your waist and mark it on both ends where it meets. You're going to thread this thru the waistband of your skirt, then stitch the elastic an inch or two smaller than your marks. Here is the part where I use a safety pin to hold the elastic and then slip the skirt on and adjust the elastic to where it is comfortable for me, then repin and sew.

Slide your elastic under the band and stitch the opening on the band closed. I like to also stitch through all layers in one spot (side seam) to make sure my elastic isn't going to be moving around, I don't know if this is necessary, this is just how I do it.

And that's it! Super easy, wasn't it!? I've made the one and I can't wait to make more.

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