Saturday, March 31, 2012

TUTORIAL: Water Bottle Sling Holders

We are going to Disney next week and since we will be walking around all day in the Florida heat I figured it was a good idea to have water bottles with us. But I don't want to be taking the bottles out of our backpack every five minutes when the kids want them, so I made each of them their own water bottle sling thing.
First I laid my fabric out on the ironing board and then wrapped it around the water bottle. I added about 3/4" for seams and cut. My final piece was about 8" x 11". The 11" was a bit too tall but I will explain how I fixed that later, without cutting.

You want two of these pieces, one for the lining and one for the outside.
Fold your fabric in half the long way, right sides together, so that your two 8" sides are together. Sew a seam up the 8" end. You now have a tube of fabric. Repeat for the lining.

Next, I cut two circles for the bottom of the sling. I have a small ironing board thing with circles already on it and I used that. This wound up making my circles too big when it came time to sew, so I suggest tracing around the bottom of your water bottle, adding a seam to the outer edge of the circle and then cutting.
Sew your bottoms onto your tubes. One each. You can pin, I didn't, I hate pinning so I avoid it when I can. If you do what I did, using the ironing board as the template for your circle you won't end up using the entire circle and your bottom will look slightly bunched. Oops.

Turn one of your tubes right side out and slide your bottle in. Fold the edge toward the inside of the sling and adjust it to the height you want it. Now take the other tube, which is wrong side out and slip it inside the outer tube.

Fold the edge down toward the outside of the sling, and then fold in half back under itself. It should look something like this, your lining will be nice and neat on the outside of your sling:
Stitch around the top of that to secure.

Next cut two strips of fabric, cording, ribbon, whatever you like as the strap. For two of mine I cut two strips of fabric about 1 1/2" wide, sewed those right sides together, flipped right side out and attached. For my son's I used a piece of parachute cording. Attach the straps making them the length you'd like.

A note, learn from my mistakes: If I'd been smarter I would have used some d-rings so that the straps would be adjustable and grow with the kids.

As it is, I think they turned out pretty nice and I'll be glad we have them when we're walking around the parks.

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