Friday, May 4, 2012

Some organized progress.

I'm just feeling so damn proud of myself I had to share:

The Junk Drawers:
Don't even ask, because I can't even begin to explain.... But here's how it looks now.
You may be wondering where all those cords and all those papers went? Well the papers were moved into a plastic file folder thingy that I bought knowing I needed a place for them to go. Like a filing cabinet, but plastic, with a lid and easily moveable. The cords and stuff ended up going in the junk cabinet.

The Junk Cabinet:
So embarrassing. I seriously don't know how we managed to live like that for years and years. But I did always know where everything was, so it can't have been that bad... right?
Yup, I actually made room for the crock pot and fryer thing, which had been on a bookshelf in the dining room, totally out of place. I'll share the bookshelf another day... this is all I can bear to share with you today, because it IS super embarrassing for me.

If you're wondering, yes I have tried contact paper to cover that, but it doesn't stick... and I always wonder why housing has never painted the insides of the cupboards?

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