Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The "SPArty" was a super success!

I'm pretty sure Gillian's spa birthday party was her best birthday party to date. The first time I've ever done a theme party. It was a lot of fun, lots of laughing, giggling, dancing.
The mirrors are from the Dollar Tree. I hot glued flowers to the fronts of them.
First, I had the girls wash their faces, then tone and lotion. We used JAFRA products, because they're good products and I had them in the house.

Then we did our hands. I had to help Hannah with hers. I made a brown sugar scrub (brown sugar, lemon juice, and honey, not measured, just eye-balled it ha). Then store bought lotion. Our hands were super soft when we were done.
Then our nails. Each girl picked a color and we went from there.  I had nail stickers and nail art pens. I had to do THIRTY zebra print nails.
Then sandwiches. I made finger sandwiches. Lots and lots of finger sandwiches. We had cucumber and cream cheese, turkey, ham, tuna, and one more kind that I can't quite remember for some reason.

And of course punch throughout. Which was just ginger ale with hawaiian punch and strawberries. The girls loved it though, especially in their champagne glasses!

Champagne glasses were also bought at the Dollar Tree, then I just painted the bottoms of them and sprayed with acrylic sealer before putting them together. Just general paint you can find in any craft aisle even in Walmart.
Then presents.

Then cake.
And of course I had extra spa type things that we didn't use but the girls were able to put in their party bags and take with them:
You might recognize the eye masks I made a couple weeks ago. I also included combs and pedicure sets, obviously they took their nail polish and I had shower scrubby puff things. Also they took their mirror and headband from their place setting. And I had small bubbles on the table that they took as well, also from the Dollar Tree (the wedding aisle!). And emery boards and they all took whatever nail stickers were left over.
It was a lot of fun. All the girls were laughing and obviously have a good time. I'm so glad I was able to do that for Gillian.

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