Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stuffed Animal Organization!

With some clothesline, a couple nails, a hammer and some clothespins you can turn that gigantic messy pile of stuffed animals into something much more manageable.
All that I did was put one nail in the corner of the room where I wanted the stuffed animals to start hanging from. Then I tied a loopy knot on one end of the clothesline. I put that loop over my nail, letting the rest of the clothesline hang to the floor because I wasn't sure how long I really wanted it.
Then I used the clothes pins to start clipping stuffed animals to the wall, one by one, usually by the animals ears or tails.

When I got to where I wanted to stop, I pulled the clothesline, cut it, tied a loopy loop, one more nail and I was done.
And that' not all either! I hung more stuffed animals in the opposite corner of the room, {yes, more... eep}, and then I decided to hang some clothesline on the flat wall and hang a blanket from that!
In my dining room instead of having a hanging quilt I hang the kids artwork and school papers from a section of clothesline, too. It's so easy to change out the school work and artwork as the year goes on.

Wait! Wait, I'm not done. In my son's room I hung a length of clothesline and put his stuffed animals at the top and his baseball caps at the bottom.
I am so happy with how these turned out. Have you organized anything lately!? I'm  always looking for more ideas for our house...

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