Friday, August 24, 2012

Make-Up Bags

I've been busy lately working on Christmas gifts for family and friends. Busy busy busy!

For someone in the family I've made these matching make-up bags.
The smaller one fits inside the bigger one. I didn't use a pattern for these, and I wasn't too sure how they would come out, but the bottom corners are boxed, so they actually came out pretty good.
I started with two fat quarter for the exterior of both bags and still have some left. I used some yardage I had for the lining and the side tabs. Plus I used fusible ... whatever it's called ... makes the fabric stiffer. Then the bigger one has a 9" zipper and the smaller one has a 7" zipper.

I have to say the more things I make with zippers the easier the zippers get. I mentioned this to my husband who now wants me to replace a zipper on his ACU top. No way! He'll be taking that the sewing place down the road, I'm not ready for that yet.

Anyway, I hope she likes them. I'm always nervous giving handmade gifts. Always worried the recipient won't like it.

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[...] used polyester batting for this. My other make-up bags I did not use batting but I used fusible web to make the sides a little stiff. I have to say I [...]