Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More FQ Grocery Bags & a FQ Produce Bag

I've been using the bags for a few weeks now and I do really love them. I happen to know a few family members use reusable bags and who can't use more, right? So I'm gifting these two bags, along with a matching produce bag AND a printed copy of both patterns {FQ Grocery Bag PDF $3.50 and FQ Produce Bag free} because the recipient sews.

Secret: She says she can't sew bags, that she can only sew quilts, but I know she can do it.
I used the leftover green to add strips to the handles. And here is the matching FQ Produce Bag:
I did the handle differently here than I did originally in the pattern and all the other bags I've made. For this one I I sewed RIGHT sides together down the long ends, turned my tube then top stitched at both edges. The other ones aren't top-stitched. I'm still not sure which way I prefer...

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