Monday, September 3, 2012

a Zakka Style mishap.

I was so excited when my copy of Zakka Style arrived, so many beautiful projects in there to sew! I started with the zippered wallet/clutch.
Looks good right??? Oh yeah baby. Well... actually... take a closer look:
I am... not at all proud of that! That's what I get for trying to attach the binding with my sewing machine... instead of doing it by hand like the book says. OOPS. And of course because of my mistake THERE and around the fabric is too close to the zipper and the zipper sticks. Ugh.

I was so excited about this project! And I ruined it.

The instructions were easy to follow, the only problem I had was one part says to cut 2 interfacings a certain size but there was no fabric that size and the interfacing sizes didn't match up with all the pieces that needed to be interfaced...

Here is the inside, which doesn't look too bad:
I just royally screwed up the binding... and it's my own fault. My next one will be better. This was supposed to be a gift but because of my mistakes I'll keep it for myself probably.


Dawnll said...

I love this! I would so use these fun colors

Simple Sewer said...

Thanks. I worked really hard on it and I was super disappointed that I messed up the binding :(