Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hexie Mug Rug?

To make the "hexie" mug rug, which comes together quickly... (until you get to the quilting part), just sew your scraps randomly together until they are the size you want your mug rug to be:
Then trim:
Piece and sew your back {minus the quilting part, just ignore that part of the photo}:

Cut your batting then layer: back, R side up, front, R side down, batting on top. Sew around leaving a 4" opening. Turn and iron.

Cut your hexie and pin where you want it on your mug rug {mine is off-center on purpose}:
Stitch around the hexie as close to the paper as you can get. Remove the hexie paper. Now stitch around your top-stitched hexie with the edge of your presser foot against the first top-stitched hexie line. Keep going around. There will be some areas where you will stop at the edge, not completing a full hexie shape.

Of course this mug rug was made to match the hexie table mat I made.
I think next time I probably won't go into the middle like I did to make such a tiny hexie? I don't know, I'm not sure I like that part. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with it.

Oh!!! Here is a site that has a printable hexagon shape. I got mine from the Quilts & More Fall 2012 Magazine {and it's pretty large}. So I googled because I want to try smaller hexie project and I found this printable, I figure you can print, then scan and resize??? I'm hoping.


Lisa said...

Love this idea, very crafty for the fall

Handmade Gifts for MEN. (19 gifts to SEW) - Sew Simple Life | Sew Simple Life said...

[...] Sew a Mug Rug or two using either the stripes tutorial or the hexi tutorial. [...]

April Owen said...

I tried to get to the hexie shape but got a children's site.

Penny (admin) said...

Hmmm... I guess I will have to fix that. Not sure what happened there.