Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mini Quilted Magnets.

The idea for these mini quilted magnets came from Zakka Style. Only I didn't do the same quilt designs and I used different magnets and inserted them differently.

My first set didn't come out quite right... they're all supposed to be the same size but... as you can see, they're not. Plus my hand stitching isn't that great here.
But my second set came out cute! And I was much more careful with the hand stitching. And they're actually all the same size. I'm really not sure what happened with the first set to make them different sized.
This was also an upcycle project for me because the magnets I used were cut out of the bottom of shower curtains.


Gail said...

These would be a great gift for my friend who is a quilter. Very sweet. Thanks for sharing the idea. Gail (BibleLoveNotes)

Simple Sewer said...

Thank you! I'm giving some as gifts too. They look so cute on the refrigerator.