Monday, September 17, 2012

This is me - QUILTING!

Okay... this is my first time really really quilting. And by quilting I mean... not following directions like on my hexie table mat, but actually drawing a design freehand and quilting it.

I am so happy with this and happy with myself. The binding came out great considering this is my first time binding properly with mitered corners and all that. I'm working on another quilted mug rug now.
It was pretty smooth to begin with, I did not pre-wash the fabrics. After I was done I ran the mug rug under water in the kitchen sink to remove the drawing marks, then since I was doing laundry anyway, I wrung out the mug rug and threw it in the dryer with the rest of the laundry. When it came out it was... well... crinkly. Not in a bad way, I really like it. And now I understand more why some people choose to pre-wash fabrics and why others prefer not to, they like the crinkle look.

I did take many pics along the way so I can share how I did this. Not just the quilting but the piecing of the top and the binding and everything.


Dawnll said...

I am so proud of you also, these turned out wonderful sweetie

Penny (admin) said...

Thanks! So you're saying if I made a pink one you'd want it?

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