Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Zip Pouch Keychain .:. Tutorial

This super cute and small zip pouch keychain, which is perfect for change or your chapstick, is made easily with just a few materials and a little bit of time.

You will need:
7" Polyester Zipper
8" x 4 1/2" Outer Fabric
8" x 4 1/2" Lining Fabric
8" x 2" Strip of Lining Fabric
2" x 2" Square of Lining Fabric
8" x 4 1/2" Fusible Interfacing
Follow the manufacturer's instructions and apply your fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the main (outer) fabric.

With the wrong side of the 8" x 2" strip of lining facing toward you, fold the two long raw edges to the center and iron. Turn right side up and pin about 1 1/4" from the left side of the main fabric. Topstitch each long edge using a decorative stitch.
With wrong sides together and matching raw edges, baste stitch the lining and the main panel together along the 8" sides about 1/8" from the raw edges.

Open your zipper all the way. Lay your fabric with the Outer fabric facing up. Place the zipper with the right side of the zip DOWN along the top short edge. Try to make sure zipper is centered so that there is an equal amount of zipper overhanging each side of the fabric. Pin and stitch.
Now fold your fabric and iron. The zipper should be facing up (see photo below). Top stitch along the edge of the fabric fold near the zipper.
Then topstitch another line of stitches below that line so that the raw edges of the zipper pull are secure.
Next, with your outer fabric facing up and the sewn zipper closest to you, fold the fabric up and line up the zipper with the short raw edge. Your zipper should be closed and right side down. Pin and stitch.
Unzip the zipper and with the outer fabric facing up topstitch along the edge near the zipper then topstitch just below that again (same as above).

Flip your pouch so that it is inside out again. Next, take your 2" square and fold two raw edges toward the center. Iron. Fold in half to hide the raw edges. Topstitch down both long edges.
Take your pouch and zip the zipper half way closed. The wrong side of the pouch should be out. With about 1/2" - 3/4" inches at the top above the zipper, pin down one side.
On the other side, fold your keychain loop in half and place it between the layers at one end of the zipper. The fold should be inside the pouch and the raw edges should be lined up with the raw edges of your pouch. Pin all this in place and stitch along both short edges.
Backstitch several times over the zipper. Now zig zag stitch on both edges an trim close, also trimming the zipper.
Flip your zipper pouch right side out. Use something with a dull tip to push out the corners. Iron. Attach the keychain to the keychain loop.


Pam said...

Such a handy sized little pouch!!! Looks great, too. Hope you don't mind, but I'm pinning this, as these would be good for Christmas presents. Thanks for linking up @ Threading Your Way with Threading My Way...

Penny (admin) said...

Pin away!! Lol I'm making several as Christmas gifts too. Trying to get everything made in time but time is running out! Thanks for stopping by :)

charo said...

I love it, thanks for sharing!!!

Penny (admin) said...

Thanks :)

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Cindi Arteglier said...

So cute and looks very easy. I might try using a carabiner instead of (or in addition to) a keyring, then it could be clipped to my belt loop or shopping cart, etc. - make it even handier.

Penny (admin) said...

Ooh! That is a wicked good idea!

Karen said...

Great idea for clipping to a leash for carrying plastic bags when taking Fido for a walk.

Penny (admin) said...

That is a great idea!

Taelia88 said...

Wonderful tutorial! I loved the outcome!
Great post!! I included it in my post Βόλτα στη Γειτονιά #25 :)
Have a great week!!

Penny (admin) said...

Thank you.

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