Friday, October 19, 2012

August and October Blocks of the Month

Yes, you read that right, I skipped a month! The September blocks don't appeal to me at all. Here are my versions of the August Craftsy Blocks of the Month:
On this one I accidentally put the outer layer on upside down. Whoops. That's okay though, still looks good, I think.
The October Blocks of the Month were difficult... only slightly difficult. My first time paper-piecing and I think I did pretty good with them.
And this bottom block is another "scant" 1/4" that came out too small. I have learned in this Craftsy course not to trust patterns that call for a "scant" 1/4". Again, like my February Block of the Month, I am not the only quilter who had this block come out too small. *sigh* That's only a little comforting.
But the paper piecing was cool, interesting and I'm glad I tried this course. I learned a lot of new things and I can't wait to finish this quilt.


Dawnll said...

I am loving all the designs and must say I am so impressed with all the unique pieces. I know I would have never been able to create so many patterns

Penny (admin) said...

I know! I could never come up with so many designs either. This Craftsy class is awesome and there's talk of a new class for 2013.... That's 20 more blocks!!!!