Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I have to apologize.

My whole thing was that I was going to write a tutorial for you every Tuesday. And since it's been a few weeks since I WROTE a tutorial I sat and made some things and took enough photos along the way to write a tutorial.

Then when I was finished I sat down at the computer, put my memory card into the slot and....

Nothing happened.

No "What do you want to do with this?" pop-up window. No ding-dong sound.

So I open Computer --> and nothing. My card is not listed.

I ran system restore to a few days before when I knew the card reader was working. Nope. That didn't fix it. System restore farther back. Still not working.

Wait a day and try again. Still nothing.

Visit dell.com and chat with an associate. Then I let this associate remotely control my computer and for almost an hour I sit and watch the mouse move over the screen, downloading and installing drivers for the system.

Reboot the system. Insert memory card. Still nothing.

Now I'm waiting on a Dell box to arrive from FedEx so I can ship my computer off to be fixed. (Edited to add: the laptop was picked up on Saturday, hoping they get it fixed and back to me ASAP!)

At the time of writing this (today is actually October 16th!) I'm sitting here going thru what photos I DO have on my computer and trying to get those up on the blog into scheduled posts so my blog doesn't sit empty for three weeks while I'm waiting on my computer.

I can blog from my iPad but for some reason I cannot upload or add photos to posts from the iPad, whether I'm using the Wordpress app or actually visit my site on Safari... no picture uploading. (Edited to add: Turns out after updating to iOS6 I can now upload from my iPad. Grainy iPad photos, but still photos! won't be blogging any tutorials though because blogging on the iPad is sloooow...)

So please bear with me and stick around... posts might be light for the next three weeks but hey! During those three weeks with no computer to distract me I ought to be able to get plenty of sewing done. And more photos for more tutorials too. So at least there's that.


Dj Merritt said...

I hate having computer problems, which believe me I have had my fair share. After spending a wonderful weekend laughing and visiting with old friends I came home with 2 laptops to work on in my spare time (lol) What is spare time? But I love the friends to no end and they need their PCs working.I am hoping you get all the problems fixed and in the meantime Have a wonderful day each and every day. Yes I do miss your tutorials but hey on the other hand this may give me time to catch up on some of the others.

Beth said...

No worries. I would take this as a sign that you are supposed to slow down a bit and check in with yourself! Enjoy the moment!!! :)

Connie Selzer said...

Don't feel bad and no need to apologize. We all have our issues with computers. Will look for the tutorial next week. I love to post on my blog about different patterns and quilts I make. Some of those posts don't go the way I want either. We just have to keep plugging away just like sewing!

Penny (admin) said...

Excellent point! I do get carried away sometimes.

Penny (admin) said...

You sew AND fix computers? Wow!

Dj Merritt said...

I can do most of it myself but at times I need a tech's help ....these two are fairly simple, replacing a keyboard on one and re-installing a motherboard and power source on the other