Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mug Rugs Addiction.

I LOVE making mug rugs! Also pretty much every one I make is a different size. I'd try a little harder to make them all the same size if I was making a matching "set"... But since these are just scrap mug rugs that I made just for the sake of sewing they are different. I love them all though.
This was made using jelly roll strips. Just random scraps stitched together. Then on the back I did the strips lined up. The quilting I just stitched inside the rectangles first then crossed them. Here is the back:
Here is another jelly roll strip mug rug I made, this one is longer.
I used green and grey's for the front and reds for the back:
For the quilting I drew the swirls on there with the quilting pen and because I don't have a free motion quilting foot I just used my regular sewing foot so some of my swirls are a little jerky...
These mug rugs are so addictive, no joke. I love making them. They are quick, they finish in a couple hours or less. I love projects where I get to see the finished product sooner rather than later.

These are for sale in my Etsy Shop.

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Dawnll said...

addiction? Oh no, you will have to start handing them out at Trick or treat time...donating to charities...that is all I can think of now.
They all turned out great