Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tip & Tutorial Tuesday: Get it Done

Still no tutorial guys, but I did sit and do some research recently because I've been feeling so overwhelmed lately. Both with life things that need to get done and with sewing projects that I want and need to get done.

I don't work so luckily it's not so bad. (Well I work but I get work so sporadically that I might as well not work)

I am a Girl Scout Leader and I don't have any meetings planned. I guess I'm just not feeling it this year. The last three years I was into it but this year, not so much. I don't know why.

I'm also the Service Unit Manager this year which is super overwhelming. So far I've only gotten a few emails and calls but it's candy sales now and I expect more calls. A lot of local leaders with a lot of questions for me to answer and problems for me to fix. We're supposed to have meetings and I haven't even planned any of those.

I volunteer at the school library which I love, I really do. I wish I could spend entire days there but I can't. I can only volunteer  when my youngest is in class.

I decided to give the Hexie Table Mat to my husband's grandmother for Christmas instead of my Mother in Law so now I have to make her a new gift. I already know what I want to make I just need to do it.

I found a pattern in a magazine that I love and really want to make for myself, so I have a million little 2 1/2" squares to cut from scraps.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]My "To Do" List: Yay for functional tattoos! To Do List on Flickr[/caption]

My Craftsy BOM Quilt needs to be finished with batting, backing, quilting and binding. And that's only after I run to the store and buy everything.

I have four boxes that need to be shipped to family members that have been sitting for weeks.

My car windshield needs replacing but I need to actually sit and make the phone call.

My husband's truck needs to be towed and sold, but again, gotta actually remember to do it.

It's just about the time of year when I begin Christmas shopping for the kids and I haven't started that yet, haven't even started looking!

My baseboards are so filthy in the house and need to be cleaned. I keep thinking I need to make some kind of special tool that will allow me to clean them standing up! But then it slips my mind and never gets done.

The back patio is in desperate need of a cleaning. Toys everywhere, failed gardening attempts. Blah.

I have to cut some of my husband's old ACU uniforms and ship those off to Doris.

The post-wide yard sale is in three days and I haven't even begun to go thru anything I might want to get rid of.

I have to test a t-shirt pattern for a friend using one of the kids old t-shirts then get an adult sized t-shirt and make and ship that to her.

I have four pay-it-forward gifts to make and ship, though I have a year to do that.

I have to figure out what we're doing for Thanksgiving (which is also my birthday this year). Right now I'm thinking since my close friends moved away (Thanks for that Mr. Army) and no family can make it down I think we're alone this year :(

I really really want to make some stockings this year! That's five stockings. Oh! And a tree skirt.

I have to plan, order supplies for and make 86 wedding invitations for a family member.

I'm working on a website. A charity website and while I'm doing it for a friend and not being paid that is no excuse to take my sweet time doing it.  I need to add several photo albums to the site and figure out a way to add a few more forms.

I have been saying for months that I need to make a table runner for the dinner table (and place mats). Also a table runner for the living room table and mats for the end tables.

I still have not washed the car after our weekend trip to WV for my grandfather's 90th birthday in September. The front end of my car is disgusting, so many dead bugs.

And let's not forget the blog. I feel like I have to post at least four times a week.

I constantly walk around with this long, never-ending, always adding more list in my head. So I did some Googling and I found this link.

It's not about writing a list. It's about actually doing the things on your list. Here's an excerpt from the blog post:
Have you gotten good at organizing your tasks in a to-do list, but have trouble actually executing them? You’re not alone.

Getting things on your to-do list actually done is difficult because it’s really a collection of habits that most people don’t think about. Today, we’ll look at addressing those issues that stop you from doing things, and the habits needed to overcome those issues.

That blog post is being printed as I'm writing this. I feel like this will really help me out. It applies to both sewing and life in general. I hope that if you're having trouble that it helps you too.

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Dj Merritt said...

I want to know but one thing.....where did you get hold of my to do list LOL. Seriously , I even read my name in there and was thinking if I get started today and work on it every day and remember to glance at it every day I might be done this time next year lol. As for the ACU's send them whole if that helps, I can cut them and even use the pockets and sleeves and such.,so thats one off you llist right there girl. Good luck and if you figure out how to scale it down or remember to do the things on list PLEASE PLEASE clue me in.
Love ya dearly