Friday, November 16, 2012

Fabric Wallets. For him.

My husband is all like "I would never use a fabric wallet like that".

Great. That's fine because I didn't make one for him anyway! Haha.

I have made two of these so far.... there are FOUR on my Christmas To-Do List so I still have two more to go.

I am not a man and I carry a much bigger wallet with zippers and clips and all that, but if I were a man and used small wallets that I tucked into my back pocket, I would like one of these:
Although the pattern suggested using an old wool suit I just went out and bought two fat quarters of cotton and used that with some fusible... um... the name escapes me right now... I can never think of the name.
The pattern was from the MAKE IT magazine that just came out recently. I think it's a Better Homes & Gardens publication??


Jess Kittelson said...

I found an online freebie and I made a wallet last month from some scrap acu's for my friends son who's dad just deployed. Going to give it to him for x-mas. This one you made is nicer and has more pockets. The one I made only has 2 pockets, but for a 14 year old two is plenty. I did however put a snap inside it where the pockets are as I am not all that sure how well a cloth wallet will hold up.

Penny (admin) said...

My pockets are tight so I don't think cards will fall out, the money is in the fold so I doubt money will fall out either. I got this pattern from Make It magazine but I do plan to change this design to add photo pockets and more card pockets I think.

Jess Kittelson said...

I guess I made that sound confusing. The snap I added is not to keep stuff from falling out :) I was not sure how a cloth wallet would hold together. I used a fusible lining, but I was imaginging pulling the cloth wallet out a bunch of times a day and if it got moist from water, sweat, etc. I just put the snap there for extra stability or support I guess :)

Penny (admin) said...

That confused me more!! LOL Post a picture on Facebook!

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