Monday, November 19, 2012

Inspired Modern Quilts.

I recently enrolled in Inspired Modern Quilts on Craftsy. I'm not gonna lie... I skipped ahead... I've watched almost all of the lessons already!

I want to blog my experience along the way. So first I'm going to start with "Scattered Squares". I've picked out my fabrics for this project already. I am not sure what I was thinking when I grabbed these fabrics... I just know that I am going to tweak the project a bit so that I come out of this with a table runner that will fit my dining room table. I guess in my head I was thinking about Christmas and the blue flowers kind of look like snowflakes but now I am second guessing myself. We shall see when I am finished!

So... here are my fabrics:

The white in the middle is sort of bright white on light grey and the white on the end isn't actually white... it's more eggshell. Again... what was I thinking!? Gah! I don't know. I hope it looks good when I'm finished.

Online Quilting ClassI really like the look of this finished mini quilt and I'm excited to be making it (even if my fabric choices are a little iffy). I did watch all the way thru the scattered squares lesson and the instructor, Elizabeth Hartman, is so adorable. Not just that but she explains things so well, and says "well this is how I've done it, but you may choose to do this or this instead". And I love hearing that!

Also before the scattered squares lesson (there are SEVEN mini quilt projects), she explains choosing fabric, she explains and shows us how to build a design wall and how to use it. So it's not just a class of quilt projects, it's some other quilting info thrown in there too. (Well not thrown in, it's thoughtfully planned! LOL)

You can view other people's finished class projects here.

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