Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pretty purple potholders.

Try saying that five times fast!

I know these weren't originally on my Christmas To-Do List, but they did get added to the list. I keep doing that... adding things. If I keep adding things I'll never finish and yet knowing this, I still keep adding things.

Anyway, these are sort of recycled. The inner layers is an old towel, so it's layered: cotton, towel, polyester batting, towel, cotton.

A lot of layers. I had to be sure that they would work though because my last set of potholders were an epic fail! (they were pretty, but not practical, ha)

The front is wonky log cabin style:
The backs are just one print:
The hangers are tucked under the binding in the back.

They do work, I tested them. I think next time I can do without the polyester batting in the middle and just use the two layers of towels. These were actually quilted on my old Brother sewing machine, as some of you on Facebook will know that my new Brother machine is broken.

I have been looking around and I think I want this machine. It comes with the extension table, walking foot, quilting foot, quilting guide and has 70 stitches. The one I had that broke (which for the record could have been fixed if Mr. Fix-It hadn't decided to "fix" it himself) was the limited edition project runway machine.

Anyway... we'll see. For now the old basic machine is working just fine....


Dawnll said...

These turned out fun...
How fun you tested them also to be sure. I made some once and had the same problem.
I LOVE the new model you are dreaming about, I would love one also.

Penny (admin) said...

LOL... I have learned my lesson.... or I should say Bryan learned my lesson.