Friday, November 30, 2012


Here are a few random projects I've finished lately that I keep forgetting to post...

Another iPad Case... see how dirty the screen is!? KIDS! This was made using leftover fabrics from my Craftsy BOM Quilt.
Here are some jeans I patched up for my 4-year-old.... with corduroy fabric. Can you believe this girl is SO HARD on her clothes that already even the patches need to be replaced!? She is so ridiculous She ruins her sneakers within days of buying them too... lol
Here is a set of mug rugs I made {which I had taken a ton of photos for to make a tutorial but the photos are forever stuck on a broken SD card}. These are going to be Christmas gifts {you'll notice the wrapping paper. Yeah I was about to wrap them without taking new photos... sorry for the crappy picture, figured I better snap a picture real quick so I at least have one}.
Here are the solid backs. Well not solid, but not patch worked.
I didn't hand out candy for Halloween {BAD I KNOW}. The thing is, I have three kids I have to take out and I don't trust leaving a bucket of candy out. I know how teenagers can be, so I just don't trust the "take one" sign route. So instead of handing out candy to neighborhood kids I make a few things to hand out to my neighbor's kids, kids I KNOW. Here is some apple cider and a lollipop wrapped in tissue to look like a ghost:
I think that's all my random - from around the house, I forgot to post these projects in a timely fashion - projects.

** SIDENOTE: I have entered my Waving Flag (seen below) into the Quilting Gallery Star Quilt Contest. If you'd like to vote for my project, I would really appreciate that, you can vote here.


Dawnll said...

I love them all, wish I had an I pad so I could use that cover.
I went and cast my vote sweetie...Good Luck

Penny (admin) said...

the ipad is great, you should get you. You'd actually get to use yours without any little ones in the house. I use mine for about ten minutes in the morning and occasionally when I'm following a pattern from a book I have on there, otherwise my kids take it!