Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Charming Stockings. A tutorial.

For this project (per stocking) you're going to need:

8 Charm Squares (or 16 2 1/2" x 5" strips)
10" x 15" piece of batting (poly or cotton, whichever you prefer, I've used poly)
10" x 15" piece of fabric for the back
2 pieces 10" x 15"  fabric for the lining


Trace your stocking onto paper and cut out, creating a template. My stocking was a bit longer than I wanted to so I adjusted my template for that. I did not add a seam allowance but you may if that is what you prefer. I also did a little sketching around my template until I was really happy with the final shape, then I took a sharpie and outlined the final shape and cut on that line. To give you an idea, my template measures 14" from the top to the toe, 7" across the top and 11 1/2" from top to heel.
Cut each of the charm squares in half, this will give you 16 2 1/2" x 5" strips of fabric. Lay out your strips on your template to figure out where you want your strips, make sure you are placing them on the diagonal (you will not use all your strips here):
One row at a time, sew your strips together on the short ends, press seams open with an iron and put back in place on the template. Starting at the top corner, flip that strip down on top of the strip below it making sure you keep it lined up. Line up the raw edges and sew these two pieces together. Open your seams and press. Place it back on  your template, covering the template and then flip it down onto the row below. Continue in this manner until all your rows are sewn together. Make sure your pieces are in place and covering your template along the way, trust me, it is VERY EASY to get off track and when you're finished you find the template has pieces that aren't covered... eep.

Now place your template on top of your pieced front and cut out one stocking piece.
Take your stocking front and place it WRONG side on top of your batting. Quilt as desired. I straight line quilted on each side of the long seams.

Take your completed front and place it RIGHT side down on top of the backing fabric so that these pieces are RIGHT sides together. Use your stocking front as a template to cut the stocking back. Pin if you prefer and sew around the stocking leaving the top open.
Turn right side out and set aside.


Use your paper template to cut two lining pieces. Either place your fabric pieces RIGHT sides together and cut thru both pieces at once, or make sure when you are cutting each that you cut both on the same side of the fabric (right or wrong) and then flip your template to cut the second piece.

Sew the lining, RIGHT sides together leaving the top open AND leaving an opening just above the heel about 3-4 inches. This is IMPORTANT.
Leave this wrong side out and set aside.

Take one 2 1/2" x 5" strip and fold it in half, wrong sides together matching the raw 5" edges. Iron. Open this and then fold the two raw edges toward the center crease and iron. Now refold and iron again. Take this to your machine and top stitch down both long ends.


Take your completed outer stocking, it should be right side out and put it INSIDE the lining. Remember your lining should be wrong side out.It should fit right in there, push the toe down inside the toe so it's out of your way. It doesn't need to be in there perfectly so don't worry about that. but you do want to make sure you put it in there correctly. The toe should be inside the toe and the heel should be inside the heel.

Line up the side seams and pin those first. Next pin around the front side of the stocking. Now take your hanger and fold it in half as seen in the photo to the left. Place this hanger (without the pin) in between the outer layer and lining on the heel side of the stocking, lining up the two raw edges with the raw edges of the stocking. the folded part of the hanger should be down inside the stocking. Get it as close to the side seam as you can but without putting it right on the side seam. The hanger will end up being on the back of the stocking on the heel side when we flip this.
As your sewing, backstitch a few times to secure the hanger, just in case Santa decides to overstuff the stockings this year.

Now reach into the gap you left open above the heel in the lining and pull your stocking out.
Keep pulling until the lining is turned out too.

Hand stitch the opening in the lining closed and then stuff your lining into your stocking. Push it out and mess with it until the toe is inside the toe and the heel is in the heel.

Finger press around the top of the stocking and then take it to your machine and top stitch around the top.
That's it! You're done and you should have a beautiful handmade stocking!!
I made three (one for each of my kids)
To make things a bit easier on you, this is available as a downloadable PDF in my Craftsy shop.


Dawnll said...

Oh how spectacular! I love the patchwork look, your just doing so many great projects

Penny (admin) said...

Thank you, I love these stockings too, they're the nicest stockings we have ever had in this house... LOL.

Connie said...

How cute and thanks for sharing a great little tutorial!
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Pat said...

Thanks for sharing your tutorial! This will be a great pattern to use up all my various Christmas fabric scraps.

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Mary said...

Those are very pretty and I love you fabric choices.

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Thank you :)

Pat said...

Cute stockings. This is a fast and easy way to piece. Thanks for the how-tos ... :) Pat

Rosemary said...

Love your tutorial. It would be a great way for me to use up all my scraps. I just need some time!!

Amy C said...

Those are awesome!! Love Aneela's fabrics for those stockings!

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Thanks so much!

Penny (admin) said...

Time is something I never have enough of!

Penny (admin) said...

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Carolyn said...

How sweet is this stocking?! Thank you for sharing your marvelous tutorial with us! ;D
Merry Christmas*

Judy B said...

I really like how you did your stockings! Great way to use all the scraps we save.

Barb N said...

Nice tutorial on the stockings. They are definitely fun to make!

Penny (admin) said...

Thank you! Merry Christmas

Penny (admin) said...

They are! And quick too.

Melinda said...

These are really cute! What a great way to make stockings for everyone!

Lizzie said...

Lovely stockings! Thanks for the tutorial; I'll pin it so I can try them for next year!

Penny (admin) said...

Thank you! Have fun!

bonnie said...

great stocking