Friday, December 7, 2012

Follow Your Heart Mini

I really wanted to make each of my kids at least one handmade gift this year for Christmas. I made my youngest daughter the tangram book, my son is getting a Wizard Wall Hanging and my oldest daughter is getting this wall hanging.
I used scraps for the colors and I used the dress that Gillian wore to my wedding! What happened was, her aunt had bought her this yellow dress at a yard sale, which she loved, and my wedding was very low budget so Gillian wore the dress. Then she outgrew the dress but held onto it. When she was ready to part with it, she gave it to her little sister Hannah. Hannah is... well... she's rough, and the dress didn't quite fit her (too big). But Hannah wore the dress anyway and rode her scooter in the dress:
Anyway... the pattern for this is in a book called WHIP UP MINI QUILTS. I swear I am in love with every single project in that book, but I started with this. "Follow your heart". Can you see it?
I free handed the bird and the heart. I tend to do that a lot, not follow a pattern exactly. Oh well. Still came out nice I think. I even hand stitched the flight line with embroidery floss after I was done and managed not to come thru on the back!
The only thing I didn't really like about this pattern was that it has you cut the binding only one inch wide. Which okay... looks great up there, but what a pain to hand stitch man, wicked pain. Next time I might make the binding a little but wider!
On the back I put hanging pockets like I did for the Wizard Wall Hanging and the Sewing Spools Quilt.

This is about 10" x 12" finished.


Hanna said...

Simply AMAZING!!!! I'm Hanna. I love new friends who craft and cook. Your blog is great. I am a new follower:) Happy Holidays! You can find me and my yummies at

xoxoxox Hanna

Penny (admin) said...

Thanks. I'll pop over! Happy Holidays to you too