Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

{this post was written on December 9th and scheduled for today}

Merry Christmas Everyone! Now that Christmas is here and it's ten a.m. so by now Melissa has opened the gifts I made her, I can share the things I made for her that I wasn't able to post on the blog.

First is the Autumn Table Runner {that's what I call it}. She knew she was getting a table runner and end table toppers, and she knew the fabric I had chosen {she asked for Autumn colors} but she did not know the design. It's very modern {I think} and should work in her living room. I hope it's long enough for her table. I made it a few inches longer than what she asked for knowing that it would shrink. She likes her table runners with overhang.
The back {which was fabric she had not seen yet}. I just pieced it with some leftover fabric from the front.
I made two matching table toppers. The design is a little bit different.
And here is a label, which I just wrote a little note on a piece of fabric with a sharpie and then hot ironed it to set it and stitched it on the back. It is the only quilt label I have ever made. The table toppers say "For Melissa Christmas 2012". The table runner says "For Melissa Christmas 2012 <3 Penny".
She also got a set of four fat quarter grocery bags photo here {unwrapped so she received them before Christmas}, the pink zip pouch keychain I used in my tutorial, the pink mini clutch, and this sewing kit {she does embroidery on stockings and stuff}.
I really hope she loved it all this morning!


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Connie said...

Wonderful gifts, I'm sure she loved them! Thanks for sharing.
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Penny (admin) said...

Thanks, she did.

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