Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Funny Valentine - a mini quilt

I'm trying to share all I made in 2012 IN 2012! I can't believe it's almost 2013 already!! I wonder what it holds for our family ?

Anyway, I recently made this mini quilt, wall hanging, called "My Funny Valentine" from the Craftsy class "Big Techniques from Small Scraps".

First I want to say that I love the class instructor, Sarah Fielke. She really made me believe that I could do needleturn applique, and you're about to see that I did do it.

I love the way this quilt came out, I loved the process {except that I could not find applique glue anywhere so I used pins and did prick myself a few times} and I can't wait to design my own and make another one {the design below is from the class... almost... I tweaked it a little bit by taking a flower out of the pot and putting it in front of the pot}.
You'll notice I used blue binding. If you follow on Facebook you'll know at first I could not decide between blue or orange binding although I was always leaning toward the blue. I did want some opinions on that. Most people, I found, were also preferring the blue.
Anyway, I really love it. I'm glad I enrolled in the class.

Actually when Craftsy was having their holiday sale I also enrolled in three more classes {I'm so addicted!!!}... Quilting Quickly 2, Machine Quilting: Free Motion & More, and Art Quilting: Pictorial Quilting Techniques. I think the classes ought to hold me over for a while. Did you join any classes while Craftsy was having their sale?


Dawnll said...

Oh how beautiful! I am so proud of all the projects you have made, I can only imagine what mine would look like. I miss sewing but wasn't good at following directions.
Happy New Year sweetie

Penny (admin) said...

I'm not great at following directions exactly either. I almost always veer off into my own direction. I did not know you ever sewed! I want to see some stuff!!!!!

Mina said...

Wow, that looks great. I am taking this class too and this is my next project. How long did it take for you to finish?

Penny (admin) said...

Um... LOL. Honestly it took about 2 1/2" days working non-stop. I started at night, cut out my pieces, then the next day, laid and stitched them, then the last day I quilted and bound it. I have A LOT of free time...

Resolutions and Goals for 2013 | Sew Simple Life said...

[...] I also want to finish every quilt in the Big Techniques from Small Scraps class I joined, taught by Sarah Fielke. {I am going to take a moment and say she is one of my two quilting idols}. I have already completed one of the mini quilts, if you recall… My Funny Valentine. [...]