Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolutions and Goals for 2013

I can't really  believe 2012 is over. What an exciting year that was. We managed to take the kids to Disney World for an entire week, which I have to say is our highlight of the year. It was a lot of fun.

In our lives we don't know much of what 2013 will bring but we do know my husband will be going to school... back to AIT because he has changed his MOS. And most likely the Army will be moving us after that.

Later in the year my baby will be starting kindergarten and my oldest will be an 8th grader. Time zips right by when you're watching kids grow up, doesn't it?

Every year for many years my New Year's Resolution has always been to quit smoking. This year I am happy to say that I have to come up with a new one because I quit smoking 37 weeks ago :) If I figure out what my resolution is this year, I will let you know!

For the blog and my creative life I have several goals for the year!!!

First, and one that will actually take the entire year, is Craftsy's new FREE Block of the Month class for 2013. Here is my lap quilt from the 2012 class, currently for sale on Etsy.

I also want to finish every quilt in the Big Techniques from Small Scraps class I joined, taught by Sarah Fielke. {I am going to take a moment and say she is one of my two quilting idols}. I have already completed one of the mini quilts, if you recall... My Funny Valentine.

Online Quilting TechniquesI really really want to first make the coneflower mini quilt in the class and then take one of my own photographs and make a quilt from that following the instructions and techniques from the Pictoral Quilting Techniques class. When I joined... no the class is not for beginners, but I have watched it and I believe a beginner can do it. And the quilts are so beautiful I really want to do at least one this year. And who knows? Maybe that will come out so great I'll make another. I really want to eventually do one using a photo of my three kids.

Also this year I hope to design a quilt pattern. At least mini size but hopefully lap quilt size or larger. Maybe with some hand applique. Not sure yet. But that is something I really want to do.

I want to complete a large size quilt by Elizabeth Hartman. The wonky cross one from her class, Inspired Modern Quilts. {note that she is my second quilting idol}

I am thinking I won't be scrapbooking much anymore, so maybe it's time, since I haven't touched any of it in a year, for me to sell off my scrapbooking supplies so I can use that space for my sewing supplies. Maybe just finish up the books I have going and call it done. I've already printed massive amounts of photos and have them organized for the kids when they get older and want them, I don't suppose I need to scrapbook all of them. Maybe I'll just scrapbook a few big things, but I highly doubt it...

Mostly I just want to finish more quilts this year. And maybe actually sell one or two. I guess we'll see.

What are your quilty/sewing resolutions or goals for the next year?

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