Sunday, December 9, 2012

Staying Updated with Pages on Facebook

A lot of times you may notice that pages you have liked don't show up in your news feed very often. This isn't because they aren't posting tips or deals or pictures, it's because Facebook doesn't show you all the posts by all the pages you like. This is nothing new. But some people may not know about it so I've decided to post about ways you can help make sure that you see posts from your favorite pages that you have liked.

There are several steps you can take.
View the PAGES FEED. The page feed is just like your regular news feed except it's just for pages and it's not in chronological order. Even if you do not manage a Facebook page, this section is still in your left hand sidebar when you log into Facebook. Just click that link to be taken to the feed for pages.
Another way is to make sure that you have selected to have the pages posts in your news feed. Personally I have noticed this is not quite as effective as you'd think, you're still not going to get all the page's post {or at least I don't get all pages posts when I've elected to have posts show in my news feed. Facebook is finicky.}

Visit the page you want updates from. On the right had side hover your mouse over LIKED. A menu will drop down. Select "Show in News Feed".
And lastly, which is also the BEST way, create interest lists for pages. Hover over the LIKED button on the page you want added to an interest list. Select ADD TO INTEREST LIST and add to an existing list or create a new one.

Your interest lists will be in the left hand column when you log into Facebook, the same column as the pages feed. If you don't see it, click the MORE button at the end of the column and  it should be there. You can create several lists.  I have a list for News and Sewing & Quilting.

I hope this helps keep you updated with SewSimpleLife and any other one of your favorite pages on Facebook!

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