Monday, January 7, 2013

A drawstring bag and a W.I.P.

Yesterday I decided to make myself a drawstring bag for my applique works-in-progress. Usually my applique pieces get thrown in a little pencil box that sits on the couch or the end table. But since I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday {where I will be complaining about this on and off chest pain which has nothing to do with my anxiety} and my doctor office is famous for making you sit and wait for an hour or two before the nurse even sees you, I thought I better make myself a bag so I can bring some applique to work on.
This is the same bag as the other four I made. Except I used a 1/4" seam allowance and boxed the corners 1 1/4" from the point. Also as you can see above... I added a slip pocket, for my scissors and glue stick and needles and what have you.
And here is the bag with my work in progress thrown in! The work in progress is supposed to be a wall quilt that is 20" x 25" buttttttt.... I have decided since it's all hand applique that I am going to just make it 15" square, so it'll be a small wall quilt or a table topper.


Hannah of made with hugs and kisses said...

great job on the bag - it looks like a super useful creation and I love the fabric choices xXx

Ana Lopes said...

So lovely!!! Love the colors and fabrics!
Have a great Year!

Hugs from Portugal,

Ana Love Craft

Penny (admin) said...

Thank you! You too!

Connie said...

Beautiful bag, love the fabrics you used! Thanks for sharing.
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Penny (admin) said...


nancy mcmahan said...

i love this bag. i will have to check your site out to see if you have the pattern.