Saturday, January 19, 2013

A work in progress.

I haven't gotten much of anything quilt related done this last week because we had family visiting and I felt like it would be rude for me to sit and sew instead of entertain them.

But I did squeeze an hour in here and there and managed to get this far on my second art quilt.
And there on my machine is where it now sits, partially stitched down. I will be working on it later today after I do some grocery shopping :)

Last night, I'm excited to say, I enrolled in Leah Day's Craftsy class: Free Motion Quilting a Sampler.
Yes, I already enrolled in Wendy Butler Berns Free Motion Quilting and More class but her class is more... well assumes you know what you're doing, (which I do not) whereas Leah's class is great for beginner's and up. I like both classes and will use techniques from both classes. I'll share my practice pieces with you after I've done them...

So there you go, just a short and sweet update! I'm still here,  haven't disappeared or anything like that. What did you all do this last week? Did you get any sewing or quilting done?


Stella Nemeth said...

I also enrolled in both of the Craftsy classes. They are very different. I learned a huge amount in both of them. I've begun to think the best way to learn is multiple classes and multiple teachers.

So far I haven't tried the freezer paper applique method, although I've taken that class as well. I'll get to it. Good luck on the art quilt.

Penny (admin) said...

I love the art quilts, Wendy is quite a talker though... I find a skip now and then when taking her classes.

Stella Nemeth said...

I had to do that too. There is a huge amount of information in that class. Maybe too much.

Penny (admin) said...

Definitely get your money's worth.