Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An Apron for a Little Girl

One of the girls that Hannah goes to school with is having her 5th birthday party! So I asked mom if she likes coloring books? Or does she need a purse? An apron maybe? And mom said "Oh she loves to cook with me but she doesn't have an apron!" So I made her an apron for her birthday {which is Sunday}
my Hannah modeling for me!
I used some decorative stitching to stitch Lola's name. My sewing machine has so many decorative stitches it was hard to pick one. But I finally decided on one after much testing and just wrote her name with a disappearing ink marker and stitched on those lines. I added buttons just for show :) They don't serve any other purpose, except to be pretty.

Here is the tie in the back and there is also a tie around the neck. Keep in mind this apron is for baking with mom, not for pretend baking in a pretend kitchen.

Here is the backside where the apron meets the bodice... I made some bias tape to cover the raw edges so it's nice and neat. You can also see that the bodice is lined.

Just for fun, I am not a photographer but I thought this was cute:

This was my first time making an apron. I didn't use a pattern and I'm actually thinking about either A} Writing a pattern and selling it or B} Making the aprons to sell. Maybe my photos don't show it well enough but this apron is so adorable in person and just the right size for kids 4-8 I'd say. I really had fun making it. I think it might be fun to make another but add some applique to the bodice instead of stitching the name... really it depends on the fabric and style you're going for I guess.


Connie said...

What an adorable apron, perfect for any little cook! Thanks for sharing.
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