Friday, February 22, 2013

Pricing and selling handmade quilts.

This isn't a definitive post, I've just been reading a lot about this lately and wanted to share some of my findings with you, in case any of you are or were as clueless as me.

The first article I read was an article on the BryerPatch Studio website. Here is the q & a.

First, I learned... well I'm a pretty quick worker in everything I do and so most of my quilts don't take as long as you might expect. I also learned I should be making more than minimum wage but less than, obviously, someone who wins quilts shows would make.

Mostly what I found interesting was that a lot of quilters generally price their quilts by the square foot. So from this article I went on to research ways to determine square footage price. My understanding is that it's a flat rate price, depending on the type of quilt and the size of the quilt.

From what I have read so far, smaller quilts have a higher price per square foot, while larger quilts have a lower price per square foot.

Then of course you can always add to the price depending on the density of the quilting, and another price entirely if you're hand quilting.

So there is quite a bit of info out there and I'm going to try to share some of the info and links with you as I come to understand it better. For now though, that BryerPatch Studio link is a good idea to read if you're curious.


Right now I'm currently working on a lunch bag for one of the librarians. As requested :) Nothing to show right now because I've only managed to get one piece cut for it, but I should be able to work on it today when Hannah is at school. Hoping anyway.

I also have finally ordered a few quilting rulers I've been wanting, the Dresden ruler, the 60 degree triangle and a flying geese ruler. They were all on sale at so that was some exciting shopping for me! I can't believe they charge so much for some of those rulers, it's crazy. I also added some template plastic to my cart and a package of safety pins because I never seem to have enough when I'm basting a quilt.

Nothing has shipped yet though... It hasn't even been 24 hours but I really cannot wait til they get here. Especially because one of the lessons in Sarah Fielke's Big Techniques class uses the 60 degree triangle and I have been dying to make that quilt....

So that's it for me. A lot of reading and a lot of pacing the floors... I get like that when I'm itching to quilt but have nothing in particular to quilt. What about you?

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