Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another W.I.P. Wednesday

It's not very often I get to participate in W.I.P. Wednesday because I tend to finish things quickly. I don't like to have unfinished projects around and I really don't like starting a new project when I have one that needs to be finished.

But... this week I have three projects going. GULP.

First is... well I'm not sure what it is, that's why it's unfinished! You're supposed to make a whole quilt but I made one single block and added borders to it. Not sure I like the background color I went with... so it sits there... The pattern is from Magical Jelly Roll Quilts.
My second work in progress, Modern Crosses by Elizabeth Hartman, which is currently two days of work on the wall... I'm excited to get this one done, but.... there was something else that came up and needed to get some work done on.
So this is my newest W.I.P. as of yesterday and when I'm finished I will have a small lap quilt, a wheelchair quilt really, at least that is my intention. And I will have a bag for the back of a wheelchair. Very manly, right? I hope so....
So those are what I'm working on right now. Keeping me BUSY.

Did you notice my "design wall"? LOL. It's a table cloth I bought last year for Thanksgiving. Just a cheap ol' vinyl table cloth from Walmart... which I got on super sale, so it cost about $2. It's folded in half and then I just tucked it in the door. If I open it all the way I could get a king size quilt up there, I think. But I don't have room to open it. So for now it hangs on the back of the pantry door... and for now it works.


Linda in Calif. said...

Yes, it's very manly. Nice fabric selection. I like the idea of hanging the flannel (or in this case tablecloth) on the door. Thanks for the idea - I'll give that a try.

Penny (admin) said...


Let me know how it works