Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quilting Journal.

I saw a post the other day, but I can't remember where, about keeping a quilting journal. This is something I have decided I want to do. I guess it's basically a photo album of your quilts and stats and stuff...? I'm not 100% sure. haha

I have created a Quilt Journal board on Pinterest if you'd like to see a few that other quilters have made.

I think I like the spiral bound ones as opposed to the normal journal ones. I also like the three ring binders with page protectors.

But, as someone who spent a great deal of time as a scrapbooker I'm wondering if that would work as well or better? Or would the papers you use in scrapbooking take away from the photos of the quilts?

Decisions, decisions. I need to get on it though, sooner rather than later, because I have to play catch up and write about the ones I've already finished.

Also, another thing I really want to do is buy a graph paper book {instead of the loose leaf graph paper} because I watched Heather Jones' lecture on the Craftsy site and just listening to her talk and show her inspiration photos and how it turned into a quilt.... something in my head just clicked and even though it's a lecture and not a class, I got it, and now I want to try that, to design quilts based off inspiration I found in the world around me! She designed a quilt inspired by the yield crosswalk in front of Walmart if you can believe that, and it's beautiful.

I have all these ideas in my head and really want to get started on them, but we have company coming and this week I decided to organize and declutter. In reality that means there is now a huge mess in my house that I have to clean up before noon on Sunday when my sister-in-law arrives.

Anyway, I just wanted to update real quick. I do have a finished quilt to share and it is scheduled to post on Monday, I know I've been really slacking on the blog lately.




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