Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quilt Blocks.

I have to make 90 quilt blocks for a quilt large enough to fit my bed. I'm only up to 30 blocks completed. Something about just doing the same block over and over and over and over.. it's making it difficult to finish this quilt.
They aren't identical blocks... I'm trying to piece them randomly, but still... it is the same block... repeatedly. I tend to walk away when I get bored... and I get bored quickly, especially with nothing else to work on.


I received two boxes of fabric and books, generously given to my by my Bragg Bestie's mother-in-law. She knows I like to quilt and she's seen some of my stuff so she sent me two boxes. I have never met this woman... How cool that she sent me this stuff!?
I am going to make her a wall quilt, to say thank you. I found a cute paper pieced bird... sitting on a mushroom {I think} in one of the books she sent. It's super cute, so I'm going to make that.

I also found out my niece {just turned two today!} loves to carry around purses and stuff, so I'm going to make her a few drawstring bags and a purse.

I have two or three unfinished projects, I just remembered and I think I'll get working on those too.

I am hoping I can do a few quilt blocks in between, I need to get this quilt finished for my bed.


Amie said...

When I am working on a project that feels more like WORK than play, I make a few blocks a day, first thing before I move on to anything fun! That way, you are still getting the blocks done, but it doesn't feel like all work and no play, because you gett the wprk out of the way before you play with all the fun stuff that is now of interest! Good luck!

Penny (admin) said...

That's a good idea!