Monday, May 13, 2013

Gifting: Felt Barn & Animals.

I think I had mentioned I was working on this felt barn for my friend's son. His birthday party is coming up this weekend, he'll be two!! I used this pattern.... up there is the front of the barn and one of the sides.

The back of the barn:
There is not a whole lot to say about this. It is a bit time consuming. I used plastic canvas in the walls, floor and roof front & sides instead of interfacing. I only used the interfacing in the top of the roof. This was put together with a combination of hot glue, hand sewing with embroidery floss and of course machine stitching. {nowhere in the instructions does it suggest using hot glue, that's just something I decided to try}

The open barn with all the pieces:
Cow. Pig and his mud puddle:
I love the pig, I think he is one of my favorites. Duck in his pond {actually it's supposed to be a goose}:
The duck/goose is my other favorite!!
Farmer Dean and his wagon filled with hay:

Horse standing behind the garden:
I can't wait to give this to Dean. I think he will love it. He has already played with a few of the animals... haha. So that's what I've been up to in the sewing/quilting part of my life.

Outside of that... we are apparently being stationed in Fort Wainwright, AK. ALASKA..... Um... it's going to be quite a change. We're supposed to be going in a matter of months, so I may not have a lot of time for sewing because I really need to start going through the house and clearing unwanted and unused items. Last time we did anything like this was five years ago, almost, and we cleared a very small apartment in two days, it was exhausting. And you can imagine in the last five years we have accumulated a lot of .... stuff.

We haven't yet decided if we are driving the 7,000+ miles, or flying, or driving/ferrying over. But I do know I'm going to cut up a ton of hexagons so I have something to work on while traveling.

Big changes. I guess since I won't be doing a lot of sewing I will be sharing here the entire experience of PCSing to Alaska. I hope that's okay!


Anita said...

That's adorable! You did a great job.

Penny (admin) said...

Thanks so much!