Monday, June 24, 2013

Monkey - Quilted Library Tote

I finished my nephew's library tote. Now that I'm finished I can mail them out.

The monkey is paper pieced from a book that was sent to me, his tail and eyes are embroidered (which I am not very good at...). Well... also I was out of brown floss so I had to use yellow...
The word "read" was made using Elizabeth Hartman's Refrigerator Magnets Pattern. And instead of an all over straight line quilting pattern I just random quilted a few stars here and there...
And there is no pattern for the bag, I just whipped it up myself. It is the same size as Lilly's bag.

Which is....hmmm... I did not measure it before posting... the front and back panels were cut at 12 1/2" by 14 1/2" and the sides were cut 3" wide {I think}. So that should give you some idea.

Of course I added a label to Andrew's bag too:
And then I went out and bought each of the kids a couple books to get them started using their bags.

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