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Monday, July 29, 2013

Sewing Clothing for Myself

I love to wear skirts so when Craftsy was having their summer sale I enrolled in a class called "Design and Sew an A-Line Skirt with Debora Moebes". You draft your own pattern to fit your measurements. The class is great because you don't just learn the one basic a-line skirt. You also learn to add a lining, a yoke, length, fullness, etc. Not only that, but you learn to insert an invisible zipper, which is actually way easier than I thought and even my first one come out great.

Here is my first skirt, just the basic a-line.
And another using the slash and spread method.
I really love that one.
I also enrolled in a class called Sassy Librarian Blouse. The options in the class are to add a collar or not, add sleeves or not, and add pin tucks or not, so you can make several different looking shirts with this one class. The blouse was a little challenging for me but I love it!!!
And it fits!!!
I can't wait to make another shirt, I really love the look of this with the pin tucks and the sleeves.

I went and checked a few clothes making books out of the library too so I can make more things... if you follow me on Instagram you'll see my daughter is making herself a dress from one of the books. I'm so excited that she is sewing with me and wants to learn.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Finished QAYG Bag

This bag looks cute but I don't like the size of it. I decided I was going to try to make the bag from the Quilt-As-You-Go: Patchwork Bags class smaller by taking a couple inches off here and there around the pattern. And I think that I did that incorrectly because the bag is too wide for the depth of it and I took two inches off the straps which made the handles smaller than I'd like. Lesson learned.

But the bag itself was easy and I will be making it again. You can also use the same techniques to make any bag really, just about any purse pattern out there can be turned into a quilt as you go purse. I'm really excited to make more of these. I already have to make a large tote for the beach for my cousin... ha {I am always making things for her}
I made it entirely of scrap fabric, just random bits and pieces. I like the bound edges, I just love the look of it. I love the look of the scrappiness and quiltiness of the entire bag!

Monday, July 8, 2013

A finished project and a work in progress.

I started walking, jogging and running in April and have always had the problem of my ear buds falling out. I had been using the ear buds that came with my iPhone 5, which comes with this handy little case to keep them neat. Well... I finally bought myself some ear buds that won't fall out when I'm running except they didn't come in a case.

I whipped up a little zip pouch for them yesterday so they won't get tangled at the bottom of my purse. I used a recycled zipper {which I think came from somebody's old jeans, but I'm not sure}, some scrap fabric and batting.

It was made the same as the keychain zip pouch, and the free tutorial is right here. The only thing I did differently was that I used batting instead of interfacing... sort of a quilt-as-you-go thing and eliminated the keychain tab.

And speaking of quilt-as-you-go... I enrolled in Craftsy's Quilt-As-You-Go: Patchwork Bags class and love love love it. So far I have finished one purse panel and I started the second already and will hopefully finish the second panel today.

I am loving it so far. That's what I've been up to, not a whole lot of sewing, it's so nice out that I spend most of my day outside with my youngest daughter and I've been reading books too, summertime is my reading time generally. I don't know why but I find that I read a lot more in the summer.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Working on my next art quilt.

Online Quilting TechniquesI'm sure you all know by now how much I love art quilting. Especially art quilting as taught by Wendy Butler Berns. (she's my art quilt idol)

A couple years ago my husband and I drove the Mount Washington Auto Road and I took a ton of photos up there, it was a pretty amazing drive. I went thru all the photos and picked one I really like and I'm going to use it to make an art quilt.

I think though that I am not going to use realistic colors. I feel like I want to make it artsy... I don't know, I guess I haven't decided yet. Once I've got the image traced on the wax paper then I will decide I think.

Right now it's printed out and I'm taping the pieces together. Then, of course, I need to transfer to wax paper and put all my line up marks on it. Quite a process. I love every second of it though.

Here is the photo I'm using:
I'll try to remember to update the blog more often. I just busy with other things I guess....