Monday, July 29, 2013

Sewing Clothing for Myself

I love to wear skirts so when Craftsy was having their summer sale I enrolled in a class called "Design and Sew an A-Line Skirt with Debora Moebes". You draft your own pattern to fit your measurements. The class is great because you don't just learn the one basic a-line skirt. You also learn to add a lining, a yoke, length, fullness, etc. Not only that, but you learn to insert an invisible zipper, which is actually way easier than I thought and even my first one come out great.

Here is my first skirt, just the basic a-line.
And another using the slash and spread method.
I really love that one.
I also enrolled in a class called Sassy Librarian Blouse. The options in the class are to add a collar or not, add sleeves or not, and add pin tucks or not, so you can make several different looking shirts with this one class. The blouse was a little challenging for me but I love it!!!
And it fits!!!
I can't wait to make another shirt, I really love the look of this with the pin tucks and the sleeves.

I went and checked a few clothes making books out of the library too so I can make more things... if you follow me on Instagram you'll see my daughter is making herself a dress from one of the books. I'm so excited that she is sewing with me and wants to learn.

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