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Sunday, August 4, 2013

eReader Cases .:. Nook & Kindle

My cousin asked me to make a case for her Nook (first edition) because she can't find any pretty cases she likes to fit the older Nooks. So I sent her some photos of case patterns and some photos of fabric and she picked this:
And opened it looks like this... with a pocket on the left. Melissa measured her Nook for me and I used those measurements to make a cardboard Nook to make sure it fit. I hope her Nook fits nicely in it....
And since that went so well and used only two of the five fat quarters in the pack, I went ahead and made another cover for my Kindle.
The pattern can be purchased here. It was an easy pattern to follow for the most part... but you know me, I don't really follow patterns, they are more of a guideline for me. So I did not use the heavy weight interfacing as suggested. I used decor bond on the outer cover and then slipped some plastic canvas between the layers. Also instead of using fabric corners at the top I used elastic. Also I made the inner flap match the outside instead of the inside :) And I changed the dimensions on both cases. But yeah, good pattern.

Now I need to make a new case for my iPad and a case for my husband's Nook {although he just wants a pouch with velcro apparently}.