Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Crayon Rolls & more Memo Pad Holders

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I can't stop making these things, they are so addictive.

I also started making some crayon rolls. They are so cute! They are great for my daughter because she has a habit of crushing the boxes crayons come in. These seem like such a great way to keep the crayons neat and tidy.

These ones are all for sale in my Etsy Shop

Also, in case you weren't aware... Craftsy has 51 quilting classes on sale right now. I am currently enrolled in 22 of them (not including the sewing classes I am enrolled in). I want to join another but I cannot decide which one!!! 

On another note, partially related... I am looking for a new sewing machine. I usually buy Brother machines, and I have one that is 13 years old and still works. But my last digital or whatever you call it... the ones with backlit displays for stitch choices... that one I ran into the ground, totally killed it. Got another similar to it but with more stitch options and I use it so much that I am having a few problems with it lately. I think it is not just time for a new machine but to actually upgrade.

I don't know what to get though. I thought maybe a Janome? I need something that handle a ton of constant sewing on a regular basis, and I prefer one that I can oil myself (can not oil the last two I got, although my 13 year old machine I am able to oil myself). If anyone has any suggestions that would be really great! I am not even sure where to start looking.

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