Monday, February 24, 2014

More Chapstick keychains!

I finished two more Chapstick keychains. They really are great for scraps and they are so quick and easy to make. And I'll admit.... A little addictive.

These are also for sale in my shop

I found a pattern on Pinterest that is also for scraps. Bookmarks. I think I'm going to make some of those as well.

We have a post wide yard sale coming up in March and I'd like to sell some of my handmade items in addition to typical yard sale items. I figure the more I have made the more likely I am to sell. I don't know though. 

I would really love to find a craft fair around here but I'm not even sure where to look or how to go about finding and joining them. 

Then I also have a problem listing my stuff for sale. Mostly my mini quilts. I have a hard time parting with them unless I make them specifically for someone, because then it's in my mind that it's not really mine to begin with. Is that weird? 

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mygirl blog said...

Great idea will make one so hubby can attach to his keys and put his spare smoke lighter in, so ideal for men and women for that use as well as he always forgets the one from home so this way he always has with his car keys